Leeds United Air Crash Memories

Alfie Haaland

Life in 1998

Alfie was a 25 years old at the time of the crash


In 1998 Alfie Haaland was married to his first wife Gry Marita Braut. The couple had 2 young children, their eldest son Astor was three years old and Gabrielle was just one year old.


The last 25 years

Alfie Haaland now has 5 children and 1 grandchild.

Alfie and Gry’s third child Erling was born in 2000. Now twenty two years old, Erling has followed in his father’s footsteps playing top level football for both Manchester City and Norway.

Alfie has two daughters from his second marriage to Anita Stromsvol.

In 2021 Alfie’s daughter Gabrielle and her husband Jan Gunnar Eide were blessed with the arrival of Alfie’s first grandchild.