Messages to the aircrew

Assistant Manager 1998 – David O’Leary

Chairman 1998 – Peter Ridsdale

Journalist and Commentator – Bryn Law

To John and the crew, I salute you. So many great things have happened since, I have two wonderful daughters Megan and Bethan now making their way in the world and my wife Rachel and I still live in Leeds. In fact, I live in the same village as Lee Worth and David Wetherall, imagine that, 3 survivors, we should have our own annual reunion!

Leeds United Coach 1998 – Eddie Gray

Leeds United Team 1998 – Alan Maybury

I am grateful to John’s quick thinking in averting what could have been a much more tragic situation. Its only afterwards when the crash was investigated and we hear about some possible scenarios that were averted do we fully appreciate what a hero John is.

Please send John a big thank you from me!

Leeds United Team 1998 – Gunnar Halle

Leeds United Team 1998 – Ian Harte

Leeds United Team 1998 – Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink

Leeds United Team 1998 – Lee Bowyer

Leeds United Team 1998 – Lee Matthews


I was only a young lad at the time and didn’t really get chance to say the appropriate thank you for saving all our lives. I think back then it was a firm handshake and a quick thank you.

It’s good to be able to pass my sincere thanks to Captain John Hackett and his crew.

Leeds United Team 1998 – Mark Jackson

Leeds United Team 1998 – Nigel Martyn

Leeds United Team 1998 – Robert Molenaar

Leeds United Team 1998 – Rod Wallace

Leeds United Team 1998 – Stephen McPhail

Non Executive Director – Cllr Alec Hudson

I would like to wish Captain John Hackett a very happy 87th birthday

Please pass sincere thanks to the aircrew for their actions that night. With everything going against us that day, we had one thing that was in our favour our quick thinking pilot and this alone meant our number wasn’t up!

Wishing you many happy returns of the day John, good health and happiness

Physiotherapist – Alan Sutton

Physiotherapist -David Swift

Supporter and Sponsor – Andy Rafter

Wishing you a very happy 87th birthday John!

I’ll never forget what you did for us that night John. You are my hero, a true hero and I wish you good health and happiness for many years to come. God bless you John

Supporter and Sponsor – Lee Worth

Supporter and Sponsor – Steve Pygott

Supporter and Sponsor – Tony Johnson

The Chairman’s son – Matt Ridsdale


I was 13 years old on the night of the plane crash. While it took me a while to get comfortable flying again, I have travelled across the world with work – and regularly for personal trips. I can’t say I love it but thanks to you John, at least I get to do it.

With best wishes and sending fond wishes for a Happy Birthday.

The Commercial Manager – Keith Hanvey