Leeds United Air Crash Memories

Andy Rafter

Life in 1998

In 1998 Andy and his wife Tracy had two young sons James and Louis. His youngest son Louis had only just turned one at the time of the accident.


The last 25 years

Over the past twenty five years Andy has seen his eldest son James marry his beautiful wife Arianne in 2018, and welcome the arrival of Oliver and Mia the grandchildren he adores.

Andy proudly watched his youngest son become a Law Graduate and play football for Leeds City FC.

Andy and Tracy have also built an award winning business.


In 2020 Andy sent these touching messages to Captain John Hackett’s daughter Carole

Message to the aircrew



An emotional account from Andy of that evening and the 25 wonderful years him and his family have enjoyed since.



Andy ends his message by saying

…I’ll never forget you John and what you did for us that night. You are my hero, a true hero and I wish you good health and happiness for many years to come. God bless you John