Leeds United Air Crash Memories

Garry Lucas

Life in 1998

The last 25 years

Garry at an award ceremony held in 10 Downing Street following the crash


Garry recalls:  I confess there were some heroes of mine on that flight, although I am an avid Liverpool supporter, I grew up with Leeds players as my football heroes too. Not least Norman Hunter and Eddie Gray.

I bumped into Norman in Liverpool airport, about 2 years after the incident. I felt this person out the corner of my eye weighing me up, when I looked, he looked me up and down and said, ” I’m not getting on your bloody flight after what happened last time “. Laughing of course but with his dry humour streak.

We stood and chatted for a few minutes a special memory of the brilliant Norman Hunter.


Garry is now a Captain flying for EasyJet.

Since that day I have flown about 20,000 flying hours, all uneventful. No major technical issues. I have flown Boeing and Airbus jets throughout Europe and as far as the west coast of the USA.

I became a Captain with EasyJet 20 years ago and I am fast approaching my 24th year with them.

It was a night we will all remember but one that could have impacted so many lives had it turned out differently.


Garry married Janine in 1999 they have two beautiful daughters.